Our Story

Our call to ministry is a testimony of God’s power and amazing ability to work through those who say, “Yes, Lord” when called.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Call to Ministry at
Regency Medical Missions

Our call to ministry is a testimony of God’s power and amazing ability to work through those who say, “Yes, Lord” when called.

Medical missions have been a calling on our hearts since 1965 when we attended a medical missions conference in Decatur, Georgia.

At the time, we both had just two years of college and no idea of how or even what, exactly, we would do. But we both said, “Yes, Lord” and began our journey of faith.

God’s Faithful Provision

Medical missions has taken us to Peru repeatedly, taking teams to work in medicine, dentistry and evangelism.

In Oklahoma City our ministry has been in free clinics and the Regency office, which is donated by a Christian businessman.

The exam table and other medical equipment have recently been donated by Mercy Healthy Center.

Medical work always involves the brethren – from any church. This always includes missionaries and full time Christian workers. We love that. Both of us, but chiefly Glenda seems to always have the added ministry of mentoring and shepherding.

By the way, many times Glenda has a better “nose” for medical problems than Pedro. I guess 50 something years of marriage has made us really “one”

The Beginning of
Our Call to Ministry

We had no money for medical school. How were we going to pay for it? On the application, we had to disclose where the money for this expensive training was coming from, “savings, family money, gifts, scholarships…” but at the end of a row of zeros we simply wrote, “The Lord will provide.”

And He did, every penny of it, and we finished training with no debt whatsoever. Then – against opinion by everyone in the medical school – God opened up the Mayo Clinic to do advanced training. Then we came to Oklahoma.

Would You Consider Donating To Regency Medical Missions?

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Our Call to Ministry to

Our Oklahoma City Medical Missions Ministry Clinic

Regency Medical Missions was started in 2005 and is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All money donated goes into the Regency Ministries account and a tax exempt receipt is given to the donor.

Pedro has to continue to keep up with his required continuing medical education (CME) in order to keep active his Oklahoma Medical License and federal and state Drug Enforcement Licenses – all of which require important expenditures. 

Dr. Pedro Gismondi

Dr. Pedro Gismondi

Missionary Doctor

As a missionary doctor, Pedro does not collect any fees for his services regardless of ability to pay. Pedro practices without purchasing expensive malpractice insurance. Should someone want to “pay,” they can give a donation to Regency Ministries, but not to him. The state of Oklahoma now has coverage for doctors who donate their time to care for patients unable to afford medical care as along as the doctor does not receive any compensation from the patients.